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Love in postmodernity is an emotional collective utopia which expresses people’s feelings, far from being an instrument of liberation collective, it works as social anesthesia.

Although the yearning to fall in love is very common, nowadays the phenomenon ‘LOVE’ is rarely frequent in contemporary society. The people capable of love are by force the exception; love is inevitable a marginal phenomenon. The clash between ideal love and pure reality becomes an authentic tragedy. The expectative and the idealization of someone or feelings is a source of an exceptional suffering for the human being, because the reality in front of the idealization produces frustration and pain.

Postmodern love is superficial, fast, intense and narcissist. In an age based on selfishness and individual egocentrism, the folly of falling in love is common and evanescent. Love, more than being a reality is an emotional utopia of a world hungry for intense and strong.

14.02.2017 Doomed Gallery, London.