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We must rescue boys from cyberspace is an exhibition as a part of my artist residency at By other means gallery in London. October/November 2017.

The Internet has profoundly affected our social activity, through the network the potential of forging relationships with no physical presence has emerged. These new connections can be as fleeting as they are ethereal; unfounded in materiality they can be forged one instant and gone the next.

The network now affects every aspect of our society, our politics, friendships, and even sexual relationships. In «We must rescue boys from cyberspace” Marcos Rico explores the effects that the network has had on the field of sex.

Using abstract painting techniques, collage and new media Marcos explores how pornography, social media and dating apps have changed our relations to one another. Through this exhibition he will explore how the network affects our abilities to forge and maintain material relationships.

Can we now conceive of a world where our sexual interactions are free of social, religious and cultural constraints? Where fears of judgement and abandonment are replaced with an unlimited hedonism? Or are these developments merely a continuation of the same patterns, merely re-staging our existing relationships in a new cyber-space?